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hAvE no intEntion oF是什么意思


have+no+intention+of+doing+sth =don't mean to do 无意做某事 没有做某事的意图

甚至晚于欧文的作家也不认为诙谐文章能够产生严肃的风格。 From his earliest years his venturesome spirit and his intention of being a surgeon were taken for granted从最早时起,他的冒险精神和外科医生的志向就被认为是当然的事。 We ha...

i have no intention of 我不打算 i have no intention of 我不打算


have no bearing on 与…无关,对…没有影响; 1. I disagree with the doctrine that the writer's life and intention have no bearingon his texts. 我不同意作者的生活和意图与他的文本没有联系的学说。 2. A suspect's criminal record should...

下次看见不会的俗语可以去urban dictionary查 looky loos(lookie loos) 有两个意思: 1.指那些去shopping只看不买的人。 2.指那些因为看交通事故或火灾或其他意外而妨碍交通的人。 英文解释: 1.A term for someone who looks at something wi...

met you,i have no intention to love others 遇见你,我不想去爱别人 . ----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问! 满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

满意回答 故意的on purpose, in hope of, 无意by chance, have no intention of, be not inclined to maple20033 | 2012-10-11 5 3 ...

met you i have no intention to love others 遇见你我不想去爱别人

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