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您好,领学网为您解答: 我们从你那里收到了投诉:We got a complaint from you 重点词汇 收到receive; get; obtain 投诉complain; lodge a complaint 望采纳!

where are you from. 或者 where do you come from

Where are you from? 如还有疑问,欢迎可以进入乐知各级别英语外教课免费旁听。 希望能帮到您

一般说How did you know me ? / How did you hear about me? 虽然字面翻译是怎样知道我的,但是实质的意思一样。 如果要想用where, 要说 From where did you hear about /know me? 希望可以帮到你~

翻译 中文:我从你的身边经过你却不知道 英文:You never know when I pass you by

英语是: What school did you graduate from? 句子解释: school 英[sku:l] 美[skul] n. 学校; 学院; 上学; 群; vt. 训练,锻炼; 教育,教导; 约束; 给…上学; [例句]Even the good students say homework is what they most dislike about scho...

one of my friend tell me your number~~ 希望可以帮到你~~

很高兴为你解答 I never expect to be with you,and I only wish you to give me a glance. What I want is a galnce you give not being with you. What am I eager for is a galnce you give not being with you. What am I eager for is a ga...

Therefore, the biggest strength is that you have so many choices for your reference and you can know which your favorite one is

中文:我想从新认识你,从你叫什么名字开始 英文翻译:I want to know you from the new, from your name to start 相关例句: 1. 我在跟你说话呢你从什么时候开始想跟我说话? I'm trying to talk to you here.since when do you want to talk?...

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