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翻译成英语:We received a complaint from you

Where are you from? 如还有疑问,欢迎可以进入乐知各级别英语外教课免费旁听。 希望能帮到您

where are you from. 或者 where do you come from

How do you go to USA from China。

一般说How did you know me ? / How did you hear about me? 虽然字面翻译是怎样知道我的,但是实质的意思一样。 如果要想用where, 要说 From where did you hear about /know me? 希望可以帮到你~

你从哪里学到的 英语: Where do you learn it from?

英语是: What school did you graduate from? 句子解释: school 英[sku:l] 美[skul] n. 学校; 学院; 上学; 群; vt. 训练,锻炼; 教育,教导; 约束; 给…上学; [例句]Even the good students say homework is what they most dislike about scho...

How far is it from your home to school

I look forward to your valuable suggestions.

We heard from Mike that you have received the goods. We appreciate your feedback and remarks on it. Any positive response is welcome. Thanks!

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